Scientists in the SPE program conduct a wide range of studies examining the interrelationships among social organization (in families, communities, and other social groups), social relationships (such as intimate romantic, parent-child, sibling, neighbor relationships), and key dimensions of social psychology (including attitudes and beliefs, emotions, and psychiatric disorders).

Key Projects

Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes, and Mental Health
R01 MH110872.   NIH/NIMH.   2017-2021.   $3,108,183.
Key Personnel: William G. Axinn, Co-PI, Jordan W. Smoller, Co-PI, Dirgha J. Ghimire, Co-I, Colter Mitchell, Co-I.

Improving Learning: Developing Measures of Accountability and Evaluating their Association with Students’ Gains in Achievement in Nepal
ES/P005551/1.   DFID/ESRC.   2017-2020.   $916,224.
Key Personnel: Dirgha J. Ghimire, PI, Brain Rowan, Co-I, William G. Axinn, Co-I.

Transition to Adulthood within its Life Course & Intergenerational Family Context (R01 Project 2)
P01 HD087155.   NIH/NICHD.   2016-2021.   $7,859,059.
Key Personnel: Narayan Sastry, P01 PI, William G. Axinn, R01 PI, Deirdre Bloome, Co-I, Pamela Davis-Keane, Co-I, Paula Fomby, Co-I.

Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes
P01 HD080659.   NIH/NICHD.   2015-2020.   $3,947,000.
Key Personnel: Jennifer E. Glick, P01 PI (PSU), Dirgha J. Ghimire, MI Subcontract PI.

Female Labor Force Participation and Child Outcomes
R03 HD086301.   NIH/NICHD.   2016-2018.   $171,627.
Key Personnel: Dirgha J. Ghimire, Co-PI, Sarah R. Brauner-Otto, Co-PI, Sarah Baird, Co-I.

Key Recent Publications

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