Project Details

Investigators: William G. Axinn, PI, Mick P. Couper, Co-I, James Wagner, Co-I, Zeina Mneimneh, Co-I.


The project involves methodological design and oversight of the University of Michigan 2015 campus climate survey to assess student experiences with sexual assault and related University policies and programs. Although this student survey was administered over the web, we created unique design features to maximize the rate of student participation in this survey. Whereas other campus student surveys typically obtain response rates in the range of 20-30% with the best getting as high as 35%, this survey was designed to obtain response rates of greater than 65%. The project will evaluate the costs and benefits of this alternative approach to campus student surveys, including assessment of the relationship between the unique protocols we employ and estimated rates of sexual assault on campus

Results of 2015 University of Michigan Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct

Sponsor: University of Michigan. $22,458. 2014-2015.